Dear Rijo Parents,

Welcome to Rijo Athletics – we believe you’ve made the best decision for you and your child when you chose Rijo. At Rijo we strive to not only create great athletes but also great kids by mentoring and focusing on the positive elements of youth sports such as competition, hard work, respect for the game and individuals and giving back to those less fortunate. To put it simply Rijo is more than just a softball or baseball program.

Rijo Athletics opened for business in 1999 with a dream of impacting youth sports by emphasizing these positive elements that are so often overlooked. Since then Rijo has trained tens of thousands of young athletes, over a thousand players who have gone on to college baseball, and 81 that have been drafted professionally.

Our mission to provide baseball and softball programs geared towards developing great athletes and great people by focusing on positivity, hard work, respect and giving back is just as strong today as it was when we first opened for business. This is a testament to the great employees of Rijo who are highly acclaimed in baseball and softball and have a reputation for positively influencing the community.

Thank you for the trust and financial commitment you have made to Rijo Ahtletics. We do not take the responsibility and opportunity to work with your child lightly. We strive to be a great and lasting influence in their life and look forward to building a long relationship. Welcome to the Rijo Family!

God Bless,

Jose Rijo-Berger

President and Founder