Rijo Strength, Speed & Conditioning training will take you to the next level of your athletic development – regardless of your age or current physical condition.

When it comes to sports training, we believe that not all sports should train the same. We offer baseball- and softball-specific training, plus programs for athletes playing football, soccer and lacrosse. Our training is highly personalized, based on each student’s current fitness level and his or her goals for improvement.

Our trainers demand mental and physical toughness. When two players have similar skills and abilities – when they look the same “on paper” – the winner will be the one who’s had proper leadership, and who has been trained to compete at the top level and who stands out.

Our training will make you stronger, faster, more flexible and more agile. Rijo Strength, Speed & Conditioning programs all incorporate plyometrics – a type of exercise that uses explosive muscle movement to actually produce more power.

One of the best things about training at Rijo is that you’ll learn how to incorporate proper techniques into your future workouts. From warm-ups to cool-downs, we will help you avoid injuries and stay in the game.

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