FungoMan, the revolutionary training device for baseball and softball players and teams of all ages, is now here at Rijo Athletics!

This machine can throw any kind of ball to any position on the field using a state-of-the-art positioning system that allows balls to be thrown every 3-5 seconds. With the use of a wireless controller, the machine can be controlled from anywhere on the field.

Efficient and Effective
Colleges, Pros, High Schools, Academies, and travel teams are making FungoMan a part of their practice experience.
Rolls easily, yet holds over 200 balls that fire every 3 seconds!
Coaches are free to coach anywhere on the field.
Throws 400’ fly balls
Fully programmable
Coach from behind the hitter instead of behind an outdated pitching machine.
FungoMan Individual and Team Pricing (without instruction)
Contact us for special pricing (425) 486-4878

This is a very expensive machine that is worth its weight in gold!
—Larry Turner, Owasso High School, 2007 ABCA Coach of the Year

'Baseball is about reps. The FM-250 can give a quality rep every time. It’s the next generation training device. It’s here...don’t get left behind!'
—John Vanderwal, 14 year MLB Player / 11U Youth League Coach