One of the greatest advantages of training at Rijo Athletics is the availability of our own field.  Not only will you receive more repetitions for groundballs for infielders, flyballs for outfielders, blocking and training techniques for catchers, and the availability to play long toss all winter to maximize your arm strength with our unlimited groundball infield camps, you will be better prepared than any other player in any program in the Northwest.

We have 6 indoor batting cages, 2 pitching mounds, 2 Iron Mike pitching machines, 1 ATEC pitching machine that throws curve balls, and 1 Jugs machine. We have a full line of baseballs and tees to assist your teams and their practice and training methods. You can rent a single cage or multiple cages for your team.

The quality of training has never been better in the Northwest with the opportunity to train our student athletes year-round with our all-weather FieldTurf® field.  We now have the ability to train outdoors when no one else can.   Please call (425) 486-4878 for availability and more information.  Also, with new and improved technology we will be using FungoMan.  We are the only facility in the state of Washington that has been trained and certified to use this machine.

This without a doubt allows us to train and coach at a higher level.  This machine simulates game situations from ground balls to fly balls for all positions.